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Andrea M. Hill
Theory on Technology in the Classroom

My views on incorporating technology into the classroom based on implementing a lesson using technology and taking two courses centered on teaching with technology.

Teachers have been running classrooms and molding great world leaders long before 'technology' was in Webster's vocabulary. Now, know that I understand the benefits of using technology in the classroom. Using technology well centers on incorporating it into a lesson or activity, not basing a lesson or activity around it.  Beyond using technology in a lesson, technology can be used to advance and enhance the classroom environment.  For instance, a teacher may post the daily agenda on a PowerPoint slide via a television monitor connected to a computer.


I also understand that the use of technology does not make a teacher more effective. This does not mean that I am ultra-conservative and anti-technology. What it does mean is that in my classroom I will never create a lesson for the sake of using technology. If technology can be effectively incorporated into a lesson and aids in achieving learner goals, then I will consider using it. Sometimes the headache of using technology can out weigh the benefits.

I do know that in our ever-changing, face-paced society students are more tech savvy than ever. And, they enjoy exploring technology in new ways. If one of my classroom lessons allows for this sort of exploration without decreasing the students’ time spent on learning I will be more than happy to consider using it.

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